Archiwildish provides architectural services to private individuals and commercial clients and with our wealth of experience, attention to detail, professional contacts and skilled staff we have the expertise to help successfully deliver your project.

With a reputation for high quality residential design, most notably having one of our projects feature on the prestigious Grand Designs TV program, designing one off houses, bespoke housing developments, barn conversions and domestic extensions are our passion.

Specialising in the design of rural commercial and public buildings that harmonise with their surroundings we have developed an understanding for how to deliver buildings that have function and flow but are also energy efficient whilst respecting and making a positive contribution to their location.

We have extensive experience working on Listed Buildings and within Conservation Areas and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We frequently encounter ecology, drainage, highways and environmental issues so our team has the necessary expertise but can also call upon fellow professionals as required.

Initial Consultation

We provide a free initial consultation on site or at our office. This meeting helps us to advise clients on matters such as planning and building regulation requirements whilst informing ourselves as to what the potential project entails, enabling us to provide a fee quotation for the services required.

Fee Quotation

Following an initial meeting a fee quotation outlining the services to be provided will be emailed for a hopeful acceptance.

At this stage we will also confirm and help arrange external consultants who may be required to assist with the project and thanks to our friendly approach and reputation we have the ability and pleasure to be able to work with respected consultants.

Conceptual Work

Investigating what may be possible, whether a feasibility study evaluating a development opportunity or an indicative plan to accompany a pre-app enquiry looking at the potential for obtaining a planning consent, the conceptual phase of a project can be key to future success.


Most projects will require some form of building or site survey work, the majority of which we carry out ourselves and is included in our quotation fee. With some larger sites it can be more cost effective to commission a survey company for this work and we can recommend appropriate people when required.

Conceptual work
Planning Approval

Planning Approval

All developments involving construction works and changes of use are governed by the planning system and whilst some projects can be implemented using Permitted Development Rights, the majority of projects require the submission of a Planning Application to the Local Authority in which the site is located.

Archiwildish are well versed with the planning system and submit the majority of the Planning Applications for the numerous extensions, new builds, conversions and commercial projects that we design. With visual appearance of a proposal often being the primary concern for the majority of planning authorities, we are well placed to justify the aesthetics of our applications.

However, some projects involve more complex planning considerations and, in these instances, we will work closely with Planning Consultants who have specialist expertise whilst as the design experts we bring our design prowess and imagination to help overcome challenging sites.  

Listed Building Consent

Preserving historical buildings is work that is close to our hearts and we are fortunate to have our office located on the historic Alscot Estate where we have helped restore some of their beautiful old buildings. In addition the Archiwildish team have experience of working on many historic buildings around the country from Grade II to Ancient Schedule Monuments.

Being located in Warwickshire we are also surrounded by Conservation Areas and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, therefore Listed Building and Conservation Area Consent requirement often features in our work.

Depending on the complexity of Landscape and Heritage issues we can assist with recommending experts in these fields when required.

Discharge of Conditions and Outline Consents

Conditions help control development post approval and some require the submission of additional information before a development can start, for example, material specifications, further plans, large scale details or reports.

Outline Planning Approvals primarily establish the basic principle of a development, but similar to planning conditions they require the submission of further detailed drawings and information as either a Reserved Matters or Full Planning application.

Listed Building
Planning Appeals

Planning Appeal

If a planning application is refused there is the opportunity to appeal the decision to the Planning Inspectorate which is an independent government body that reviews the case before making its final decision.

Appeals are dealt with via 1 of 3 methods: written, hearing or an inquiry. The majority of cases are dealt with as a written appeal with ArchiWildish having a successful track record via this method.

However more substantial cases that require greater scrutiny are dealt with as a Hearing which is a meeting between both parties adjudicated by the Planning Inspector. For the most contested of developments there is the Inquiry process which procedurally is like a courtroom.

It is usual for Hearings and Inquiries to call upon experts and to involve barristers. Archiwildish has been involved with a number of such cases and Mark Wildish FCIAT was called as an expert witness during the Inquiry for the EV Charging Station at Bourton on the Water.

Having also coordinated appeals ensuring that the requisite reports and experts are on hand, Archiwildish has the organisational skills to help ensure the procedurally smooth running of such cases.   

Building Regulations

Once planning consent is obtained and all conditions discharged, Building Regulations approval will be required before building works can start on site. There are 2 alternative methods of achieving compliance: Building Notice or Full Plans Submission.

A Building Notice is intended for small scale works and relies on your appointed builder’s construction knowledge and inspections from Building Control to ensure compliance with the Regulations. Whilst you can build a new house working under a Building Notice it is typically used for simple domestic extensions.

Full Plans Submission involves the preparation of detailed construction drawings that are submitted to Building Control for inspection and approval beforehand. The advantage of this route is that the builder will have more detailed information to quote from and ultimately to work with on-site.

Applications can either be dealt with by your local authority Building Control or an Approved Inspector and Archiwildish works with both.

It is sometimes necessary to provide steel calculations or structural details to accompany our construction drawings. In this event it will be necessary to appoint a structural engineer and we are able to recommend engineers who we regularly work with.

Building Regulations
On Site work

On Site Work

Archiwildish can help with the recommendation of a select handful of builders who we trust and know will provide good service and look after our clients during the build phase of the project.

To help ensure a high standard of workmanship we provide a Quality Inspection Works service and this helps ensure that our intended vision is realised. These inspections are separate to those carried out by Building Control and are not for ensuring adherence to the Building Regulations, but they help builders to maintain a good standard of workmanship and finish.

We can also provide Monitoring and Progress Reports for the issuing of stage payments.

Our On-Site Services like our other services are flexible and can be tailored to suit the specific needs of the client and project.